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"To my editors, my deepest gratitude to Dr. Wanda Gwyn and Angelique Beau-Kayser who without a doubt pushed me beyond my limits. Ladies you are absolutely awesome and I am forever indebted to your kindness. I could not have done any of this without any of you."

Dr. W. Jan Gholson

"I have been stuck in the same place for quite some time with this dissertation. I know I would have given up by now were it not for Dr. Gwyn cheering for me on the sidelines and really pushing me to tap into that scholarly part of my brain."

Dr. Kila Bell-Bey

“I also wish to thank an amazing woman, mentor, and friend, Dr. G. Thank you for your guidance and laughs during this journey. Thank you for helping me to find my sanity when I didn’t know where it was. There are no words that will ever express how grateful I am to you. I love you and thank you for being such an amazing, beautiful human being. Thank you so very much for your patience, for sharing your amazing mind, and for the laughs. I am forever in your debt.”

Dr. Claire Green-Forde

"Dr. Wanda Gwyn, thank you for being my mentor and assisting me when I faced some challenges."

Dr. Cheryl Riley

"Dr. Gwyn did a wonderful job with helping me in a difficult statistical situation, where another statistician refused to even try to help, Dr. Gwyn took the task on and worked with my dilemma until she felt it was where it needed to be. My dissertation was approved by my mentor without any issues. I am so grateful for her assistance and she has stated that she will be available if I still need any further assistance. She was wonderful to work with and completely professional and prompt in her services! Fabulous experience! Thank you to you and your staff!"

Dr. Theresa Anne Ordian Dick

"I am honored to say that Gwyn Consulting Services came at a time in my program when I thought all hope was lost. While I was writing I lost my mother and my research plan could not get approved. Sharlin and Dr. Gwyn were awesome! They were patient and understanding. They treated my topic as their own and helped me navigate my way through the bitter storm called dissertation. I thank God for Gwyn Consulting and would recommend anyone needing research advice to contact Dr. Gwyn and her team!"

Dr. Anita McMurtry

“Just wanted to drop by to say thank you so much to Dr. Gwyn and Angelique! I defended my dissertation today and I am now officially Dr. Georgia Fourlas. The support I received from the two of you definitely made all the difference in the world to me in this process. When I signed up, you called the package I chose "The full hand holding package". I knew that was what I needed and it was worth every cent. While all the rest of my cohort had to go through multiple rounds of edits at each stage of this process, I either had very few or no edits. The school review, many of my cohort members had to do 2-3 rounds of edits to get approval. My school review was approved the first time around! Doing this whole process online would have been so lonely and unbearable without your tireless support! Thank you so much!”

Dr. Georgia Fourlas

“I am currently in the dissertation process with Capella University. It has been a grueling process. My mentor has not been very helpful and I felt as if I was wasting time and money. The school also did not help me when I complained about the roadblocks I was confronted with. A friend of mine, informed me she hired a dissertation coach. I asked what is a dissertation coach and she explained to me how they worked. When I asked another former student at Capella about a dissertation coach, she told me about Dr. Gwyn. I contacted her service right away and have never regretted doing so. I felt as if I were in a slump! I thought I would never get through this process. However, the Gwyn Consulting Services, LLC put me on the right track and enabled me to start writing again. They helped me to move forward in an effective manner and complete each milestone before me. Currently, I am at Milestone 7 and have my Chapters 1-3 completed and ready to go. I made it through the IRB process without any complications. I am collecting my data and hope to graduate March 6, 2015. Now I can finally see the light. Gwyn Consulting Services,LLC has helped me to progress with my dissertation in more ways than I could have ever imagine. I wish I have started with this service early in the dissertation process. Gwyn Consulting Services, LLC is certainly worth the investment in completing your dissertation.”

Dr. Dorothy Wyatt-Youmans

“To say that I was stuck during my dissertation process would be an understatement! I had not even started Milestone 1 and I was already stuck! I couldn’t even understand the logistics of having milestones, mentors, committee members, IRB consultants, among others, let alone the process of actually writing a dissertation! I can’t quite remember how I found Dr. Gwyn and Gwyn Consulting Services but I am sure glad that I did. I am now near the finish line and it has taken me two years to get where I am today, but I know that it would have taken me twice as long if she wasn’t by my side. Ok, ok, I’ll be honest, probably three times as long!! I am a not a native English speaker and while my English knowledge has been enough to get me to where I am today, I was seriously doubting that I could complete a dissertation in flawless English. Dr. Gwyn not only acknowledged my shortcomings and limitations in a friendly manner but she set me up with an editor from her team who has worked closely with me throughout this entire time. Her team not only provides editing and statistical assistance but they provide you with a mentor and coach who is there to motivate you when you feel like giving up. I am really grateful to have found Dr. Gwyn and her team; they are definitely worth the investment!!”

Dr. C. Farlano

“I was stuck on approval of my research plan and very discouraged about my progress and completion of my dissertation. Someone messaged me and told me to contact Dr. Gwyn. I sent Dr. Gwyn a message and she accommodated my call that night. Dr. Gwyn was able to help me through the approval process of my RP. I have been working with Dr. Gwyn and her staff since late December and I feel that the services provided to me are top notch. They are the voice that keeps you motivated and they all know what they are doing! With their help, I have completed chapters 1 and 2 in less than 10 weeks! Because of them, I am track to finish by the end of the summer! Gwyn Consulting is worth the investment, because the entire staff invests in you!”

Dr. B. Anderson

“Dr. Gwyn is amazing! She and her consulting team were able to help me continue to transform my thoughts into a phenomenal dissertation. Without her guidance I would have still been stuck in a dissertation rut. Thanks to Dr. Gwyn and her amazing consulting team I am finally close to completing my dissertation and accomplishing my dream of being Dr. Nancy Marie Gauvin. I would recommend her to everyone!”

Dr. Nancy Gauvin

“Amazing professionals, who genuinely care about their clients. Couldn't ask for more!”

Future Dr. M. Thang

“The great thing about this is consulting service is they really work for you and with you. I had to start all over with a new topic and start from scratch. I was kind of lost. I was referred to this consulting services and it was a great help to focus on one new topic. I have completed the dissertation and I know without the help of this group I would still be struggling.”

Dr. Amy Tanner

“WOW! I was absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Gwyn and her consulting firm. She was able to navigate me through some difficult processes within my dissertation and also provide me with some professional personal therapy. She was a blessing for me throughout the whole process. Contact Dr. Gwyn and her team if you need some guidance and direction!”

Dr. Gretchen Jones Torbert

“Thank you for your phenomenal, professional and exceptional services Gwyn Consulting Services. I don't know where I would be if I had not contacted you (not a doctorate candidate). We have had our hiccups but with you and your team working expeditiously we were able to complete my revisions in a timely manner and move through the milestones. Thanks for being my consultant, savior for not killing anyone and keeping me from jumping off the cliff while being very supportive through this journey. I will always be grateful. Thank you”

Dr. Carmesha Smith

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