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Dr. Wanda Gwyn

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Dr. Gwyn has more than 14 years of experience working in child welfare in the field and on a management level. Her work led to the publication of Cost Matters: The Analysis of Cost Services Programming and Organizational Sustainability for CBC Circuit 12, a quantitative study currently featured on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.

Over the course of Dr. Gwyn’s careers, she has participated in more than 500 forensic interviews with children who were abused or neglected. Also, Dr. Gwyn has testified in criminal, dependency, and family court. In 2001, the Honorable Judge Roger Alcott declared Dr. Gwyn an expert witness in her field of child protection. Dr. Gwyn is very active in the community, enjoys public speaking, and teaches as a professor of Ethics and Business.

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Teaching Philosophy

As an instructor, I firmly believe that an education is a doorway that opens far beyond simple theories and concepts. Through learning, all students have the opportunity to develop their critical-thinking skills and foster healthy skepticism of prevailing viewpoints. I look for my teaching to provide my students with an array of tools and paradigms so they may avoid failure without understanding and they cultivate a continuous initiative to refocus and grow.

Learning for some is difficult because each instructor’s style is different. Therefore, I prefer to link lectures with in-class hands-on activities, that can provide an assortment of designs to support learning. Hands-on activities allow students opportunity to experience concrete examples and observe the effects of competition on their behavior and competing forces. In doing so, students develop their intuition and the mechanics that shape their learning.

In each of my classes, I challenge students to apply theory to real world events. I wish to impress upon my students that learning is a life-long tool that once achieved can never be lost. Building on this view, I believe that research and teaching are not mutually exclusive concepts; they are two halves that should never be separated. Therefore, classrooms and course rooms are forums for new research and opportunities where students can develop their own critical-thinking skills.

My teaching crosses two core disciplines. I enjoy teaching criminal justice topics, but I equally enjoy teaching in the management/business sector as well. I chose my PhD in a field outside of Criminal Justice so that I can teach across disciplines and offer my students a viewpoint not often seen in the business sector.

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