Legion of Powers™ Program

Program Overview - Finding the Hero In You!

To motivate and aspire youths to appreciate reading through developing a foundation that involves the utilization of imagination and superheroes. Our intent is to develop character and morale within the active members of the program over the interval of ten months. The goal is to light the fire of reading and positive behavior in young children. Of course, the true effects of this program can only be measured further down the line in the future however some responses are immediate. We understand how critical it is to the learning process to provide support while concentrating maximum effort on youth learning. The objective is to develop character through reading.

Goals and intentions for curriculum

The goal of the program is to introduce several accepted character behaviors and or the display of good morale.

  • Improvement in reading scores
  • Teach general ethical concepts
  • Support active learning
  • Motivate independent quest for learning
  • Group mentoring and role playing
  • Using affirmations and “what would Superheroes do” based scenarios to illustrate a course of action or correct non-ethical thinking and behavior.
  • Communicate with parent to share curricula content and monitor the child’s development.