Frequently Asked Questions

Your answers to some common questions

1Do you have a payment plan or low cost financing?
Yes, most services have a payment plan along with an identified time period to complete the services. This means it's not a drawn out costly process because you know how much time to expect to make payments and the cost of those payments upfront. PayPal Credit is also available for services. PayPal credit allows you to pay for your services upfront to GCS and then you pay them a monthly repayment fee.
2Do you have editing services?
Yes, editing services are covered in every package and the cost is a 1 time fee of $475.00 for every client that paid for a prior service.
3Do you have graduates?
Yes, in a very short period of time we have assisted students from various universities such as online, brick and mortar and HBCU’s. Typically, we watch more than 30 graduates walk across the stage and are hooded each year. We have serviced clients from North and South America, United Kingdom, and the continent of Africa.
4How long is each session?
Each session can last as long as 1-2 hours depending on your academic need.
5Can I access some of the dissertations GCS has assisted with clients?
Yes, please click the following link to review those dissertations.
6Do you give your clients satisfaction surveys?
Yes, please click the following link to review those survey responses.
7Can I get a refund for the services if I paid upfront.
No, once services are paid for there cannot be a refund. The services being offered fall under intellectual property and once the information is provided returning it is not an option. However, the services can be applied to host of other services offered by GCS.